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Female Christian Prisoner Ended Her Hunger Strike

Christian convert prisoner, Maryam Naghash Zargaran ended her hunger strike as prison authorities promised to handle her case fairly.

Mohabat News – Maryam Naghash Zargaran, a Christian prisoner who had gone on a hunger strike on Saturday, July 9, 2016, broke her hunger strike on Sunday, July 31, 2016 as prison authorities promised a fairer handling of her case.

She initially began her strike demanding to be released, despite her many illnesses. The 22-day hunger strike has taken a serious toll on Ms. Zargaran’s health.

Sources close to Ms. Zargaran’s family report that they have been able to visit her and heard her saying authorities have given her some positive promises which eventually convinced her to break her hunger strike.

Ms. Zargaran’s initial 11-day hunger strike resulted in authorities granting her a medical leave on a heavy bail, but they took her back to prison before she could complete her treatment.

Only three days before breaking her strike, Ms. Zargaran had to be taken to prison’s clinic as her condition had become critical.

Her mother, Mrs. Pour Noohi, says “I expect to hear a bad news any moment. I keep thinking about tragic things that can happen to my daughter.”

Earlier, Mrs. Pour Noohi had release a video asking Iranian government to release her daughter.

It is not clear what those positive promises by Iranian authorities could bring for Ms. Zargaran. Her Hunger strike has been her last chance of raising her voice and pressure Iranian authorities to treat her case fairly.

Ms. Zargaran is 35 years old and was initially arrested in the winter of 2013 for alleged “actions against national security” through her Christian activities. She was held in temporary custody of the Intelligence police for three days while they raided her house and seized anything they could find related to her Christian faith. She was then transferred to Evin prison for interrogation where she was held for 19 days. Eventually she was released on bail until the date of her trial.

Later, Judge Moghiseh of branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran sentenced her to four years in prison for “propaganda against the Islamic government through collusion and gatherings”. Ms. Zargaran appealed the sentence, however an appeals court approved the same ruling.

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